Sell to Win!

Sell To Win is a mind-opening, insight filled, action inspiring program that creates superstars out of your salespeople. It is the last-mile intervention in sales productivity that you have been waiting for!

Leads to win!

Lead To Win is a powerful training program designed to empower your middle and senior level management team to transform themselves into great leaders.

seeds to win!

The module will help participants to develop a passion towards life and work, create a positive personality and learn the essential attitudes that make a winner and motivate participants emotionally and bring out the best in them and enthuse to take immediate positive action.

Spirit to Win!

This energy packed Outbound Team Building exercises set against the backdrop of outdoor or indoor surroundings is filled with simple and innocuous management games, adventure activities and group tasks to bring out the best among the individuals.


Coaching help the client perform to their best, by achieving their personal and professional goals. It is a tool for helping people to develop new skills and to grow, rather than feel they\'re growing stale.




Over 200,000 have found the WINNER in them.

Awaken yours. Today!

Winner in You is India’s premier league training and coaching centre where organizations,best replica watches teams and individuals are transformed inside-out to become the change they wish to see around them. By instilling winning habits within, Winner in You helps individuals achieve their highest potential and carve a niche of their own in an ever-changing world.

Winner in You makes use of experiential learning methods and a double-pronged approach in its life-changing sessions; and this includes powerful training interventions that help groups radically improve individual contributions and productivity. Founded in 2008, Winner in You is currently proud of its roster of 600+ satisfied corporates across the industrial spectrum. Winner In You is lead by International Corporate Trainer, Business Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Author, Shamim Rafeek who recieved the award from Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD) as the Best Trainer of the year 2016 & Outstanding Trainer in Kerala. To know more about him log on to -

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